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Newbie Tutorials - Cloaking Cheat
How to add a new cheat (just like "god") which lets you be invisible

Add this right down at the end of the g_cmds.c file, near around the god mode command:

    else if (Q_stricmp (cmd, cloak) == 0)             //cloak code
        char    *msg;

        if ( !CheatsOk( ent ) ) {
        ent->flags ^= FL_CLOAK;

        if (!(ent->flags & FL_CLOAK))
                        msg = Cloaking OFF\n;
                        ent->client->ps.powerups[PW_INVIS] = level.time;
                        msg = Cloaking ON\n;
                        ent->client->ps.powerups[PW_INVIS] = level.time + 1000000000;
                trap_SendServerCommand( ent-g_entities, va(print \s\, msg));

    }  //end cloak code

Next, add a flag to g_local.h after FL_NOHUMANS, I did it like this

// gentity->flags
#define FL_GODMODE                      0x00000010
#define FL_NOTARGET                     0x00000020
#define FL_TEAMSLAVE                    0x00000400      // not the first on the team
#define FL_NO_KNOCKBACK                 0x00000800
#define FL_DROPPED_ITEM                 0x00001000
#define FL_NO_BOTS                      0x00002000      // spawn point not for bot use
#define FL_NO_HUMANS                    0x00004000      // spawn point just for bots
#define FL_CLOAK                        0x00010000  // NEW CODE HERE!!!

Well, that should be it, hopefully that will get you up and running with the cloaking command.
Aslong as you have cheats enabled, bind a key to cloak and it'll work (or should, it did for me).

This bit of code doesn't have to be used for cheating, of course!

-- Credits:
   Tutorial by Telekin
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-- Important:
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   Our code is copyrighted, but we give permission to everyone to use it in any way they see fit, as long as we are recognized.