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Code Helpers - FindRadius for Quake 3
A useful function which will find entities around a certain object!

If you are an experienced programmer, you may remember this function from Quake 2. Since it wasn't in Quake 3, and there is use for it, I decided to write a tutorial to put it in.

Open up g_utils.c, and go down to the bottom of the file. Pop this function right in there:

// (NOBODY): Code helper function
gentity_t *findradius (gentity_t *from, vec3_t org, float rad)
	vec3_t	eorg;
	int		j;

	if (!from)
		from = g_entities;

	for (; from < &g_entities[level.num_entities]; from++)
		if (!from->inuse)
		for (j=0; j<3; j++)
			eorg[j] = org[j] - (from->r.currentOrigin[j] + (from->r.mins[j] + from->r.maxs[j])*0.5);
		if (VectorLength(eorg) > rad)
		return from;

	return NULL;

That's almost it. Next, open up g_local.h and put this line down the end of the file:

gentity_t *findradius (gentity_t *from, vec3_t org, float rad);

That's there simply so that every file (well, atleast ones which include g_local.h :) will be able to call this function.

Enjoy. Expect a homing missile tutorial any day now :)

-- Credits:
   Tutorial by (nobody)
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