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Game Enhancements - Forcing Teams for CTF!
Puts players on the team with less players when they enter the game.

Forcing Teams!

This tutorial will make it so anyone joining a team or ctf game will automatically be assigned to the team with fewer players.

Open g_client.c and goto line 695 in the ClientConnect function. Add the following line of code:
int team;

Move down to about line 747 and change this function:
	if ( g_gametype.integer >= GT_TEAM &&
		client->sess.sessionTeam != TEAM_SPECTATOR ) {
		BroadcastTeamChange( client, -1 );

so it looks like this:

	if ( g_gametype.integer >= GT_TEAM )
		team = PickTeam(clientNum);
		client->sess.sessionTeam = team;
		BroadcastTeamChange(client, team);

This calls the PickTeam function wich returns the team number of the team with fewer players. client->sess.sessionTeam = team; makes sure the player is assigned to the team returned by PickTeam;

-- Credits:
   Tutorial by Gerbil!
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