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Newbie Tutorials - Modifying Knockback
This tutorial will make Rocket Jumpers fly to heaven!

Ok, another fairly simple tutorial from me today!

Open up g_combat.c, and go down to the function "void G_Damage".
Find these lines, and add the blue code:

	knockback = damage;
	if ( knockback > 200 ) {
		knockback = 200;

/* (NOBODY): If it is some sort of explosion which does splash damage, multiply the knockback by two. Mucho rocket jumping! */
	if ( dflags & DAMAGE_RADIUS ) {
		knockback *= 2;

	if ( targ->flags & FL_NO_KNOCKBACK ) {
		knockback = 0;
	if ( dflags & DAMAGE_NO_KNOCKBACK ) {
		knockback = 0;

You will now, after any explosion or anything which does splash damage, (ie, grenades, rockets, plasma, and bfg shots) be propelled twice as far as you normally do.

Have fun :)

-- Credits:
   Tutorial by (nobody)
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