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  Author: Corven 

You might have noticed that the grenades bounce about when they hit something, so making them sticy is a simple change.

Stick to it

Code to be Deleted or Commented out


Have a look in g_missile.c for the fire_grenade function, as we showed you in one of our previous tutorials, you'll see the checks the game makes when firing a off a grenade, which will look like that below, now all you have to do to make them sticky is to comment out the line that tells them to bounce about, which is marked in red.

gentity_t *fire_grenade (gentity_t *self, vec3_t start, vec3_t dir) {
gentity_t *bolt;
VectorNormalize (dir);
bolt = G_Spawn();
bolt->classname = "grenade";
bolt->nextthink = level.time + 2500;
bolt->think = G_ExplodeMissile;
bolt->s.eType = ET_MISSILE;
bolt->r.svFlags = SVF_USE_CURRENT_ORIGIN;
bolt->s.weapon = WP_GRENADE_LAUNCHER;
// bolt->s.eFlags = EF_BOUNCE_HALF;
bolt->r.ownerNum = self->s.number;
bolt->parent = self;
bolt->damage = 100;
bolt->splashDamage = 100;
bolt->splashRadius = 150;
bolt->methodOfDeath = MOD_GRENADE;
bolt->splashMethodOfDeath = MOD_GRENADE_SPLASH;
bolt->clipmask = MASK_SHOT;
bolt->s.pos.trType = TR_GRAVITY;
bolt->s.pos.trTime = level.time - MISSILE_PRESTEP_TIME;
VectorCopy( start, bolt->s.pos.trBase );
VectorScale( dir, 700, bolt->s.pos.trDelta );
SnapVector( bolt->s.pos.trDelta ); // save net bandwidth
VectorCopy (start, bolt->r.currentOrigin);
return bolt;

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