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quake 3 bot - from scratch
i need help in bot programming
• quake 3 bot - from scratch

I need help regarding an AI project I have taken up on programming a bot (AI based) for quake 3.

could someone please indicate the how to either create a bot from scratch or edit an existing open source bot (which i have not found yet, if you know of any please let me know) to incorporate AI. I basically need to know the internals of the bots like movement shooting algos etc and how i can do it myself for my project.

if possible please point out good resources where I can get my answers. since I am from programming side technically oriented info/sites will not be a problem

thanks in advance.

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Tuesday 22 January, 11:38
• Yep, Mr. John Laird have the answer!


I Posted this link many times ago, but, he is one of the most popular AI designer to use game to test AI.


check his papers on AI engines and AI with Quake2 bots.

Check also the SOAR project and the documentation of vers 8 + the advanced technical paper.

So, good luck,



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Tuesday 22 January, 17:27
• Quake 3 specific coding

Thanks for the info. We were looking for some info on how to actually code a bot for quake3. Unfortunately all the resources on the net that I've seen about this is on Quake2 (or CounterStrike, etc.). I'm not able to get my hands on an open source quake3 bot or some site which has info on writing a bot for quake3 specifically(basically using C).
Can someone provide some info??

Thanks again for the AI info,

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Wednesday 23 January, 02:54
• Q3 bot info

You'll find most of what you need about the Quake3 bots here:

You are limited (to the C scripts) in changing the default bot AI. You can however hook any dll into the engine if you really want to.


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Friday 01 March, 18:27
• Re quake 3 docs

Have you find any docs on Quake 3 bots programming. I am developping one too. The above link does not seem to work :-(
If you have any docs or links I will be glad if you post them. Thanks for your help. If you have any question, just email me...


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Monday 29 April, 05:46
• Q3 Bot Shortage

There are not that many bots for Quake3, as the default bots are very good. I know of some that are closed source, but not many open ones.

The link above describes the theory behind the Q3 bot (which you don't have access to), and not implementation issues.

I recommend sticking to Quake 2 for bot development! More about that very soon... promise ;)

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Tuesday 30 April, 13:21